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Hi Jody
I just listened to your Rusty Mike Radio podcast and I have to say, you are so good! You’re able to listen to people and support their efforts, and you have so much experience already so you can offer real advice as well as hitting the emotional place where this affects people. I appreciated being able to listen, and it allowed us to have a further conversation about our own budgeting.
Thanks and keep up your good work

It’s been a long time since we met, or talked but i wanted to thank you.
I know we didn’t meet on a regular basis, and we only had a few meetings, but i have to say they changed my life.
When i came to you, i had serious money issues, was in a lot of debt, and didn’t know how to keep a job, budget and take care of my self.
I think i was making very little at the time if anything at all.
I  wanted to tell you that i just got my highest salary yet. It was 10,000 shekels.
This is Thanks to you.
You taught me in our very few meetings how to get myself together, how to look at things differently, and how to budget.
I realized after meetings with you, that i was living in “la la” land when it came to money, and you really helped me turn my life around.
So thank you. I learned the hard way about responsibility, and that was what made me work so hard at my job.   K.J. Tel Aviv

Thank you, Jody.  I still struggle but have less fear, modest maturity, and confidence that I can make intelligent money decisions.  You were a real part of that growth.

Much love, Andrea Simantov


You’ll be happy to know that – partially thanks to you, I am able to afford going to Greece for a week this summer (with parents and kids) — and Paris in the fall. T.K. in T.A.


” I think we will be able to pay our Electric Bill this month in full!!!! Yeah, as opposed to two months ago when we needed to pay it in over six months of payments! That’s success!”  JH Beit Shemesh

“Jody Blum’s workshop through minusPLUS on household and financial management was a great tool for understanding how to manage the Israeli system in banking, shopping, the insurance world and more. The information presented was directly helpful in aiding me to work with my own financial situation, and it was presented professionally and thoroughly. The small and informal group sessions enabled the class to ask lots of questions and to share with each other the process we were going through. Jody’s course helped turn what might otherwise have been a dreaded process of dealing with what most of us find a black hole into a positive: a way to regain control of our finances and to begin the creative and, believe it or not, exciting process of financial management!”

– Mallory Serebrin
ArtWorks – The Jerusalem Ceramic Art Center


“I never thought I would be the type of person who would take a course called “Overcoming Overdraft.” I would have thought ‘How boring!’ But I’m really enjoying it – you, the group and the challenge. It’s very satisfying to finally get yourself together money-wise. It feels liberating. Last night, for example, I worked on the homework you gave us. It was an epiphany for me. All these years I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a budget work for us. We would decide on limits on spending (the same every month), and then go over them. I never realized that you needed to plan for the next month in the way that you teach. It makes so much sense! Looking at the form you gave us makes it so clear how much money you will have coming in and how much you need to put out. It was a revelation. Thanks!

– Ruth Mason, Jerusalem


“An eye-opening course, with hands-on practical information presented in a clear way – empowering, especially during these difficult economic times. Everyone can gain from this course.”

– Debbie Silverman


“Well worth the investment.”

– Keren Lawner-Gold MD


“This class is the beginning of a new way of life for our family. A life that feels more liberated and freer with regards to money.”

– Dina Yaffa, Beit Shemesh


“Before Jody’s class, we were just trying to get by without any thought to the consequences of our actions. Now we stop and think about what we’re doing and the affect it will have on our finances.”

– Jonathan Gold


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